Reviews and Testimonials

RE: Heavy Duty Idler Arm Bushings

“Thanks to Dave of Bandit 4×4, those of us with Calmini Steering Systems have an option for replacing those bushings which wear so quickly.

He has made an set of bronze bushings made from higher-quality material than Calmini’s and they include a spiral lube grove so you can get some grease in there. Those of you who have this steering know that it is next to impossible to get any grease into that Zerk fitting.

They are well-machined and clean. Since my spare idler arm was the prototype, I didn’t have to install them into the arm. Thanks Dave, but I am sure it is easy, very easy since I have a press, but it not, they can be pounded in with a block of wood and a hammer. I will let you know since I got three sets and will install a set in the one I took off today and put that on the yellow truck.

Thanks again, Dave, for supporting the sport.” – Scott (Vice President,

RE: Stock Idler Arm Bushings (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

“guys, get a set of these. i used to go through Delrin bushings every 9 months or so, I’m going on a year and half with these bad boys with no wear!”

-fusionfronty99 (Xterra Forum Member)

RE: Stock Idler Arm Bushings (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

“…I just can say that this is the only thing I put on my truck that made a huge difference and was not a big pain in the ass to deal with.”

-Stickle (Xterra Forum Member)